The Internet is full of some excellent (as well as some bad) resources and tutorials, it's just a case of knowing where to look.

These are some of the resources and websites that I use in my photography…

Robin Whalley -

Robin Whalley is a British landscape photographer based in the North West of England. As well as writing a blog entitled The Lightweight Photographer, Robin runs the Lenscraft website which is full of interesting and useful tutorials as well as showing off his excellent photography. If you sign up for free membership you are able to download and use a lot of useful resources.

Robin is also the author of a number of books that cover subjects from Colour Management through to photographers coaching techniques as well as a complete series on the NIK Photoshop filters. These books can be purchased from Amazon here.

Paul Morgan -

Paul Morgan is a Cornwall based photographer. A graphics designer by trade Paul's main interest in photography is seascapes so living on the South Cornish coast gives him a lot of opportunities to perfect his photography.

His main strength is in his knowledge of Photoshop. He has produced a DVD that takes you through his complete workflow which is very useful not only to beginners but also the more experienced photographers. Paul's website can be found here and the details of his DVD here

Tony Kyper -

I might be right in thinking that Tony Kyper is widely acknowledged as the father of Luminosity Masking. His website has some excellent tutorials on the subject as well showing us his excellent photography. He has also produced a number of Photoshop actions that go with the tutorials and a very good, easy to use actions panel. His website can be found here.

Sean Bagshaw -

Sean Bagshaw takes Tony Kypers words on Luminosity Masking and turns them into an excellent series of tutorial videos. As well as Luminosity Masking Sean has other video tutorials covering subjects such as Workflow, Lightroom and Extending Dynamic Range. His latest series covers the new Luminosity Actions panel that has been produced by Tony Kyper. Sean’s website can be accessed here.

Sean is also part of the Photo Cascadia team, a group of American photographers based in the Pacific North West of the country. The website has an excellent blog and you are also able to purchase Sean’s videos from here as well.